Frauscher 909 Benaco

Materiaal: Polyester
Bouwjaar: 0000
Afmetingen: 9,09 x 2,99 x 0,9m
Motor(en): 2x 225PK tot 2 x 425PK Diesel of Benzine
Vraagprijs: € 285.000 ,-
Beschrijving: As a result of the outstanding interplay of our boat building experience, the exceptional creativity of the wellestablished Hamburg-based yacht designer Georg Nissen and the support of our long time partner arge.ateliers we accomplished an uparalleled symbiosis of intelligent technology and convincing aesthetics. The 909 Benaco can - due to its visual innovation, its elegant impression and its flawless craftsmanship - rightfully be considered the ultimate Day Cruiser. Whether youk seek privacy or fast-paced adventures, whether you anchor in lonely bays or glide through glamorous lagoons - the 909 Benaco is always a suitable companion. And once a perfect day out on the water turns into a longsome evening beneath stars in the sky, the 909 Benaco converts smoothly to an impressive Night Lounger with sophisticated interior.